Monday, February 19, 2018

The New Year's Resolution...

This year I told myself that I would write more frequently, and journal my family's life. The adjustment from one to two boys has added more life, more chaos and more love, and quite frankly, journaling has not made it to the top of my priority list. However, I recognize the value in it - capturing our lives through words and photos will only enhance my life and teach me more about being a wife, a mom, and a good friend. Writing is positive for my soul, and recording the events of my favorite people, I believe, will expand my joy.

Life with Cal has been amazing, hard and rewarding. With the crazy labor experience, I was quite limited in how I could interact with Jack, because of his active and spirited nature. We went through some growing pains, since it's hard to communicate. It took about a full month for him to start easing back into his happy self. Our pediatrician talked about the traumatic experience Jack went through. In his words, "His mom was/is his whole world, and to him she is hurt and unable to do things that they would do together. And worse than her being hurt, he can't help her, and so he's decided to lash out at mom, because he feels completely off, and not only will he lash out at mom, but he will be mad at the world too." I knew the addition of Cal would rock Jack's world, but I didn't expect my health issues would affect them like they did. Thankfully, we're back to playing, running and jumping!

One sweet miracle through adjusting is the relationship between Jack and Cal. Cal tracks Jack with adoration and Jack loves his baby.

10 days of sweetness


JJ wins the award for swaddling newborns.

One of my favorites.

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