Sunday, September 25, 2016

We need kind superheroes.

The last two weeks I've listened to emotional, life-altering stories - some of heroic athletes, others of refugees, and even a few of struggling teenagers. Tears rolled down my face as each story was told, and ultimately I asked myself these questions, "What can I do?" "How can I help?"

After one of the accounts, the speaker invited all teenagers in the building to become someone's superhero - he expressed how the school hallways are dark places for some, while the lunch room is the loneliest place for others - he encouraged these youth to reach out and lift others. He said that these small acts of kindness would be heroic acts to many.

I thought about this invitation and its personal application. 

I don't walk down the hallways of the high school or eat lunch with teammates. No no, my routine consisted of walks to the park and lunch dates with my one-year-old. But, what I do have the opportunity to do, is to create the best superhero training facility for my little man. I realize he's young, but he picks up on things. He recognizes the way I use certain words (like "no") and how I treat his dad. He's observant, and mimics behaviors. His training to become a superhero has started, and what I've learned from these retold stories that I hope to show and teach Jack is this,

Judge less and always be kind. 

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