Sunday, December 13, 2015

Twelve Days: Gather & Laugh

It is the best time of year. The Christmas lights on nearby houses illuminate the streets beautifully, while the light from Jesus Christ fills our homes with hope, our hearts with service and our days with peace. Since today marks the beginning of the "12 Days of Christmas" experience, we thought we would share some sweet ways we, as a family, make this holiday season special and spirit-filled. 

Day 12. 
Gather, and share laughter. The holiday season is a great time for family gatherings. Tonight we had our "2nd annual Christmas Second Sunday Dinner" (I know that's a mouth full) at my parents. Thirty or so cousins, aunts, uncles and loved ones prepared food and fun for a delightful evening. Though most of our backgrounds and interests vary, the family-friendly Christmas games my mom organized made for a great memory. In fact, it was the sweetest 20 minutes of the night. When happy laughter is shared by all, hearts grow together.
I watched the spirit of Christmas in full force tonight. 

  The boys were a little exhausted from all the fun. 

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