Monday, December 28, 2015

On the first day of Christmas... A few days late.

1st day of Christmas... Yes we are talking about the big birthday party for baby Jesus. 

Celebrate Christ. 

It is the day we honor his birth, which helps us to reflect on His life, His mission and His influence in our own lives. This is the season to truly emulate His hands and extend a helping hand, a cheerful heart or a shoulder to lean on. 

Christmas time has always been a joyous season for me. Some of my most memorable experiences were far far away, in a foreign country, celebrating the life of Christ while serving as a missionary. The commercialism of Christmas was less of an emphasis. Love and peace abounded within the homes of strangers and friends we met, because of their attitudes of gratitude. 

This year, John and I were overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. The love we felt for the savior expanded, as did our love for each other, for our families and most especially for our sweet little babe, Jack. We were showered with gifts of love, gifts for each other and gifts for our Jack. The greatest gift of this season is what this day is all about - the gift of the Savior. He promises us happiness, joy and peace as we follow His example with exactness and steadfastness... What a beautiful promise. 

Merry Christmas. From our family to yours, we wish you good tidings of great joy and the peace of the Savior throughout the year. 

Merry Merry. 

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