Monday, December 14, 2015

11th Day of Christmas - Bake, then serve.

Day 11 || Bake, then serve.

When the 11th day before Christmas rolled around, a beautifully crafted cinnamon roll Christmas tree baked in the oven for my family's delight.

Since there are only two souls in this home who can consume solid foods, John and I will wait on baking this traditional tree. Instead, we've made our own "nice list" and are excited to become Santa's elves with treats in hand this week.

This vintage cookie cutter was the infamous holiday sugar cookie from Grandma Peggy
If you're looking to add a twist to your sugar giving, here's an idea from my friend, Kim. She and her husband made a list of families/friends they hadn't seen in awhile - for whatever reason their paths no longer cross as frequently. Kim's family intends to stop by these friends with treats in hand to share Christmas cheer. Often times, Christmas is a time to give gifts to those we are closest to, (which I love to do) but I also think Kim is wise in rekindling friendships and expressing gratitude for people we may not see as often, but we still appreciate and love.

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