Tuesday, November 10, 2015

We all missed each other like crazy.

This month we spent a week apart, while John John was attending a conference on the East Coast. It was his first experience away from Jack too, and my first week long experience with the babe alone. 

While dad was away we kept ourselves busy and on the go. Swings, parks, shopping... we did it all.

We all survived. We all were very productive. We all missed each other like crazy. 

It was an interesting phenomenon though. When John John passed through the security point, my heart immediately ached for his safe return, but my love for him grew x 10 at the same time.  I don't feel like I take our relationship for granted. 

I feel like true love magnifies when your environment and routine change. 

Our routines completely changed and there were millions of cities in between us. So, we made every effort to continue our progression as a family - millions of Jack photos were sent - prayers were spoken over the phone - Facetime was initiated - and kind words were the focus of our conversations. 
Though we were over 2000 mile apart, we figured out a way to actively participate and appreciate the other all week long, and in the end we were even happier to be the Donaghy Duo with our babe, Jack.

Cheeks for dayz.

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