Thursday, July 30, 2015

Mom for a month.

30 days ago I stared at our little creation for the first time.
He barely cried. He just stared. Those moments were a whirlwind, the most perfect whirlwind however. Within 48 hours, John and I were walking out of the hospital with a carseat weighted by a perfect 8lb bundle.

During the first two weeks of Baby Jack's life, John and I learned everything together. From feeding to bathing, smiling and diaper mishaps, we experienced Jack's "firsts" as a family. And then reality set in when John returned to work, and Jack and I started a list of our new "firsts" - grocery store outings (yes, he had a meltdown in costco), walks/runs, making dinner (or the lack thereof) , etc.

It's been completely amazing. I can't imagine life without Jack, even though it's changed life entirely. The greatest lesson I've learned within this first month of mommyhood deals with time. It's precious. And time with your baby is even more golden.

During the beginning of "Jack and Mama time" I'd find myself thinking,
'Once he goes to sleep, I'll be able to get this done, or finish that project, or start this...' 
I had it wrong. 
(Thankfully I realized that quickly) 

I needed to be more intentional with my "Jack Time" - cherishing every love, snuggle, cry - that awake or not, my time with Baby Jack was worth every second, and in order for me to feel that, I needed to stop worrying about what I could be doing or what I could get done. After this realization, I've felt more confident as a mom, and excited about all the times Jack and I get to share together.

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