Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Cultural Night

Youth Group is always an adventure. The 16-18 year old girls (Laurel's class) have two opportunities throughout the year to plan an activity for the whole youth group. This year they chose to launch a cultural night, which was a complete success. They asked a neighboring youth group to join in. Each "class" was assigned a country, and they needed to bring a food dish from that country along with completing some information about that country. Here's the night at a glance.

We sent each class an invitation according to their country with instructions about the night.

One of our goals of the evening was to unite the two youth groups, so we lined up all 50+ kids and organized them so that they would have mixed groups between the two youth groups. 

We had a few mixers and games (name that tune from the following countries, a game about landmarks from the following countries, and puzzle wars), and then we heard 2-minute presentations from each class and their country. Some were humorous, others chose more of a formal route, but all went well.  And then we ate and indulged in ethnic foods from across the globe. It was quite a success. 

(If your youth group is looking to do a similar activity, I'm more than happy to share resources from the event! Email me at 

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