Wednesday, June 24, 2015

Awaiting His Arrival...

Sorry, no baby yet...

But I'm back to this blog thing again. With the baby on the way (and hopefully that phrase becomes more literal than figurative within the next 24 hours), we're gearing up for new adventures. My personal intent is that this blog will survive with these adventures. I am a believer in personal histories, and John and I are about to embark on the greatest chapter of our lives with our Donaghy Babe.

The two of us will always make up the Donaghy Duo, even as our family grows. The Donaghy Duo is the foundation to our growing family. If our duo isn't on the same page, our family will feel that. So the Donaghy Duo we will always be.

We're beyond excited to meet our "Baby John John". We've been asked about his name, and we're waiting to see what he looks like to make things official - he's got to look the part.

We're on the brink of finishing up his nursery, with a few items on the way in the mail. We love our new place and can't wait to bring our babe here!

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