Friday, February 6, 2015

A Little Bit of Lately.

Life is swell. We find out in the next few hours whether or not this babe growing inside of me is a he or a she. We thought for sure it was a boy, but now we're not so confident. Either way, we're excited to get to know our babe a bit more.

The New Year kicked off well and the sweet days of February are here.

This season is always a tender one as we commemorate and celebrate our sweet angel in Heaven, Taylor.

Food - Poems - Prayers - Lanterns - Sparklers - Family - Faith - Friends

We love throwing her a party.

John is the Cub Master for five, spunky Cub Scouts and enjoys supporting these Cubs with their projects. We're fairly new to this program, but we're learning the funny traditions and games that all Cubs love and look forward to.

I recently started a new line for Marifly - it's been a sweet adventure, filled with lots of prototypes, failures and mini victories.