Thursday, November 13, 2014

Jump, both feet in.

One year ago when John was interviewing with Confluence Health and I was finishing up my curriculum at BYU,  we had some big decisions ahead - Where do we go from here? If we are offered a position at Confluence Health, do we take it? And if we move to Wenatchee, who will hire an advertising copywriter/strategist?

An offer came, and although we couldn't solve all of our questions, we concluded with this statement, "Why not?"

Since our journey back to Wenatchee we've seen incredible miracles and doors open that we weren't expecting. It's been so rewarding. We're growing - our careers are expanding and our dreams are coming alive. Our thoughts on the matter... Just jump, both feet in!

As a result John's ascended to greater responsibilities at Confluence Health, running a great team in their Pediatrics department and solving dilemmas that waltz around the Healthcare industry.  I've received the perfect amount of work to keep me happy from clients on the West Coast, not to mention the new Pillow Company I recently began. I was once worried about the creative opportunities in a smaller valley, but my abilities and strategy background are constantly being worked and stretched.

It doesn't always matter where you're at, but how you view the place you're in, and what you're willing to do to improve and make that spot your own. We're certainly making Wenatchee our own place as the Donaghy Duo - meeting new friends, staying involved with the community, and supporting loved ones all around us.

Big decisions in life will always be there. Sometimes you'll have to pass them by, and other times you'll discover it's time to jump, both feet in.

Marifly's debut at Tumbleweed.

Some fun pillows for the holidays.

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