Saturday, October 18, 2014

The Wenatchee kind of Autumn.

Simply put, it's beautiful here. The colors are in full swing and the morning air is brisk whenever we leave to start the day. It's a magical time. John's favorite time of the year. School is back in session - green and blue reign throughout the state, harvest is winding down. We're grateful for the place we call home, the humans that roam in our neighborhoods, and the life we're creating in Wenatchee town. So to catch up just a bit, here's the beginning of this happy season at a glance.
V launched Marifly in September - a shop for her creative goods, mainly pillows.
Check it out if you haven't at
It was definitely frightening, because she had no idea which direction it would go.
And completely exciting when her work started to leave the shelf...or basket in this case.

Harvest came early.
And stayed....
For many days...

But this farmer kept smiling.
Until the last pear was picked.

We spent time with the fam bam.

Celebrating years of love

And working on the ranch.

Seattle of course was a must, and we jumped on the big wheel to view our sleepy town.

And found ourselves on temple grounds for some service.

26 is a magical number - one John John wears well.

And I'm not the only fan of his who thinks so.

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