Thursday, July 24, 2014

From Ranch to Heliport.

As most of you know, Washington state has been overtaken by some major wildfires, many of which are closer to home than we would like. Our friends in the Pateros area have been affected greatly by these violent flames that continue to rage on. Of the many articles and reports we've read, one of the most touching and authentic articles come from a photographer from Pateros. Here's a link: 

As for the fire roaming near and in the Cascades, the Fromm Ranch (V's grandparents) has becomes an active heliport. Right now there are six helicopters that have been there for the last nine days and are planning to stay for awhile. The national guard brought in three of their big guns and the rest flew in from various locations. Here are some photos from tonight's adventure to check them out. 

So this one has a fancy name we can't remember, but the president of the United States flies around in the same model while traveling by helicopter. 
These huge buckets carry up to 2000 gallons of h2o, but if it's filled to the brim, a helicopter of this size wouldn't be able to transport it. 
John John - V - Caroline -Carly (not pictured, Lance and Momma Cindy)
These are the massive national guard ones. 
Our younger cousins traveling through the fields to take a peak at the heliport from afar. 
And yes we are all about the selfies who it's with people you love. 

We hope the weather holds out a little longer for the firefighters before those hot summer days come back. We must say that we've been enjoying the clear skies and smokeless days. 

We love this place. We are happy it can be a heliport to help get those fires out faster. We're grateful for all the individuals helping with the fires and send out our thanks and appreciation to them!

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