Sunday, June 15, 2014

Men of Action.

 I remember balancing a turkey between my legs, with a basket of food on my lap. It was Thanksgiving. Dad was on a mission. I was his co-pilot for the ride. I didn't know our destination. All he said was that some friends needed a "pick me up".  I had never met them, but I sensed their relief and gratitude when we dropped off the "pick me up".

Moments like these collect in my mind to honor my father, and all the other amazing fathers who so diligently teach, love and act with purpose.

I took this little trip with my dad over 10 years ago. I doubt he remembers it. I know he took many "pick me up" rides, but I shall never forget it's impact. His example is clear. He is a man of action.
Work hard. 
Serve others. 
Rely on God. 
Today, we celebrate fathers. I could not be happier to honor mine, and I know John feels the same way about his father. Our fathers' are our heroes. The sacrifice, time and energy devoted to both of us have been guiding forces in our lives. We love you and will continue to honor you both beyond this 24-hour holiday by living with purpose as we work hard, serve others, rely on God... as we take action each day.

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