Sunday, June 15, 2014

Men of Action.

 I remember balancing a turkey between my legs, with a basket of food on my lap. It was Thanksgiving. Dad was on a mission. I was his co-pilot for the ride. I didn't know our destination. All he said was that some friends needed a "pick me up".  I had never met them, but I sensed their relief and gratitude when we dropped off the "pick me up".

Moments like these collect in my mind to honor my father, and all the other amazing fathers who so diligently teach, love and act with purpose.

I took this little trip with my dad over 10 years ago. I doubt he remembers it. I know he took many "pick me up" rides, but I shall never forget it's impact. His example is clear. He is a man of action.
Work hard. 
Serve others. 
Rely on God. 
Today, we celebrate fathers. I could not be happier to honor mine, and I know John feels the same way about his father. Our fathers' are our heroes. The sacrifice, time and energy devoted to both of us have been guiding forces in our lives. We love you and will continue to honor you both beyond this 24-hour holiday by living with purpose as we work hard, serve others, rely on God... as we take action each day.

Friday, June 13, 2014

Understanding T I M E

I've pushed the keyboard aside for some time now. I imagined today's post would highlight the sweet weddings John and I went to this last month, or the road trip I took with Denise to Utah. I had even considered to gush over Lake Chelan and why everyone should go. But through these experiences and some other surprising ones, there's a word that keeps coming to mind, T I M E.As I mentioned earlier, John and I attended two incredible weddings . We flew down to California for my sister, Leanne's wedding. She married the perfect man for her. Watching them was magical. You could feel their love exploding and you couldn't help but smile or laugh with joy and happiness. Last weekend we were in Utah for my BYU besty's wedding. She and Matt finally sealed the deal after four years of courting. 

And then came Saturday, where T I M E took us all by surprise as we gathered to honor our dear friend, Michelle Nielsen (Bird). She was recently diagnosed with brain cancer after a year full of brain issues (including surgery), and before chemo treatments were performed she peacefully passed away.

At the bright age of 22, married to the man of her dreams, and optimistic about their future... it was her T I M E.

It is hard to believe.
It feels unfathomable.
It seems wrong.
It's hard to comprehend,
                                            and may take much T I M E to fully understand.

In the midst of this news I found peace with this excerpt from the scriptures,
"...all is as one day with God, and time only is measured unto men."
                                                                                          (Alma 40:8)
Photo: I worked with Michelle for two years at the BYU Library. She was an incredible influence on me and honestly, Andy has her to thank for being such a huge supporter of our relationship while we were dating.  She was so genuine, so naturally kind, and just an overall happy person. I was lucky to know her. You will be missed, Michelle.

It is easy to focus on the fact that her years with her family and friends were limited to 22, but God does not count or keep track of T I M E  like we do. He was fully aware of her wisdom, her christlike nature and all that she had accomplished within her T I M E. She surpassed the average mind, soul and spirit. She humbly followed her faith and will continue to inspire us as we follow her example and do all that we can in our T I M E.

In lieu of flowers, there is a donation fund to help with Michelle's medical bills. Click here.
For a full life sketch and memorial of Michelle here,