Tuesday, May 6, 2014

I know my ABC's

A little over a week ago I left Utah, no longer a BYU student, but a graduate from that beautiful university. It was an ideal week. I took my last final, shared many "last moments" as a BYU co-ed with my dearest friends, professors and family.

I will not reminisce over every rewarding experience, but I'd like to mention a few thoughts about the many years I was in Provo, Utah, living the student life. 

My academic career surpassed my hopes for higher education - I learned from experienced and talented professors, most of whom excelled greatly in their industries and decided to return to their Alma mater and "give back".  In the midst of all these classes, there were a handful of professors who not only cared about my school work, but who were determined to help me achieve personal goals, increase my spirituality and refine my character. Most of these professors shared a common phrase, 

"Just stop by my office and we'll figure it out." 

And that's exactly what we did. Our hundreds of conversations included, questions and counsel about my future, shared spiritual experiences, listening ears, comfort for a conflicted heart and advisement for my upcoming career. I am a better individual because of these men and women. They were my surrogate parents, my confidants, my professors, my friends. Because of their guidance and support I do no fear the "real world". I have been prepared to confront each challenge with vigor, eager to hurdle the roadblocks and discover new avenues of possibilities. Their confidence and genuine belief has done more for me than a textbook and pencil will ever do.
I now embark a new chapter with John. The classes are finished, the grades are in, and now is the truest test of all. How will I take what I've learned from BYU and share it with others? How will I make a difference in the world? And beyond that how will we, as a team, inspire others to conquer life's challenges and continue on with confidence?

Sometimes you get lucky and meet people you call family...this is mine.

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