Sunday, April 20, 2014

2000 Years Ago.

Last weekend a friend texted us a website address and a message saying, "Here's a project I recently worked on. I hope you enjoy." We clicked into the site, and read
'You can change your life, because of how one day started 2000 years ago.' 
And watched this

After which we were challenged to "start today" and choose something each of us would want to change/improve in our individual lives. It was the perfect way to prepare us for Easter.

It's been a significant week for the Christian world - reflecting on the last few days of Jesus Christ's life when he performed the greatest sacrifice of mankind. The magnitude and culmination of these experiences are hard to comprehend. V and I continue to learn how incredible the atonement is as we experience and access it individually and together - our gratitude increases daily. In celebration of this beautiful week and triumphant day, let us remember the words of the angel spoken to Mary Magdalene and the other Mary,
"Why seek ye the living among the dead? He is not here, but is risen (Luke 24:5-6). 
It is true. Those are magnificent and comforting words - Christ overcame the world - death, sin, evil, temptation, all of it, so that we can feel exponential hope, happiness and purpose. This knowledge is empowering. Oh, how wonderful it is to celebrate this Easter day.

Our Easter studies included beautiful passages, movie clips, talks and Easter memories. Here are some we've enjoyed the most:
None Were With Him - Jeffrey R. Holland
Easter Week

Easter Traditions

For us, dying eggs is a necessary project for our Easter week. I love to eat the eggs, V loves to dye them. It's a perfect combination. We had lil' Tayler come and help V.

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