Monday, March 10, 2014

Free as a child.

A little over a month ago we were asked to watch some kids for the first full week of March. Because of my commuting schedule that didn't work out for us. Nonetheless it was destiny for us to be around kids and learn from their wisdom and tricks this last week.
It all started on Tuesday night at John's basketball game. He has quite the cheering section, but it was in the second half that his younger cousin decided to go sit with the team and cheer like a real fan, with the team of course. He even squeezed into a team photo to cap the night off.
The new addition of the team. Every so often he would practice his "air jump shots" and then sit back on the bench.

Our adventures continued to playgrounds throughout Wenatchee, rain or shine. Freedom on the playground, without recess patrollers, makes for a great day.

We ended our week watching two little boys, while their parents were in Seattle for the day. Mr. Charlie was the star of the experience. His grunts were unlike any language I've heard, his love for oranges and swings were entertaining and he's not afraid of heights as he would motion to John to pick him up.
(John is a good 5 or 6 inches taller than Charlie's dad). 
We survived our week with little ones. It was enjoyable, but we were happy to end the weekend together. It won't last forever, but for now we're soaking it all up. 

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