Sunday, February 9, 2014

Stand by her side.

He was her hero. She was his biggest fan.

There's not much more you can say about the sweet relationship John and his sister, Taylor, had.

Christmas 2012
I thought it'd be appropriate to share a snippet of an experience that emulates their bond.
We flew home last year when Taylor was in the hospital. It was a weekend I will never forget, filled with love, sadness and hope to be with her again. The following week we felt enormous support from family and friends, who comforted the Donaghy home with kindness and love. 
And then came the funeral. After the family viewing, we were all escorted to a room while guests were seated. It wasn't too long before I noticed John wasn't there anymore. His absence continued, so I went to see if he was okay.  I found his best friend who directed my eyes to the front of the church, and then it all made sense to me. There I saw and witnessed brotherly love in full effect. John stood confidently next to Taylor.  He greeted guests kindly, but he never left her side. He recently told me, "I just couldn't let her be alone..."
Daily Skyp Session

I've thought a lot about this experience and what "standing by your side" means. I know that for John, "standing by Taylor's side" was a day-to-day thing. He had comforted, laughed and served Taylor all of his life. Whether near or apart, he made time for her, and she cheered him on with every endeavor.

What a gift it is to have witnessed and felt of this unconditional love. It has been the sweetest way to celebrate Taylor's big day today, to feel inspired to stand by others and help them know that they too, are not alone.

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