Monday, February 17, 2014

P is for President.

Happy President's Day. Thanks to some inspired men, including many of our early-day presidents, we've got a pretty incredible nation and constitution.  Hats off to those presidents and politicians who set our nation up on lasting principles.

Jumping back to this weekend we journeyed into the foreign parts of Seattle for some authentic Chinese food. Yes, we got a few looks from almost everyone in that restaurant, as we don't have a hint of Asian blood in us, and everyone knew that. We may have been the only eaters ordering in English. Our bill was written in Chinese - the food was tasty and the buzz of the Chinese language hummed around us.

These crazy bamboo sticks were planted along the entrance. 

We left rainy Seattle through the stormy, snow-covered mountains back to Wenatchee land. It was a successful Seattle weekend. 

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