Thursday, February 13, 2014

Love is in the air.

It's not about the cards and candy, right?

I'd like to think Valentine's day symbolizes something more than chocolate boxes and fluffy bears.

In fact, my fondest Valentine's Day memories include early morning breakfasts of pink biscuits and gravy, a sweet note from mom, topped with a small gift. What a great way to spend my childhood V-days, right?

So yes, I'm a fan of Valentine's Day. It's another holiday I can celebrate, create traditions and enjoy! And I am all for traditions.

Single or not, consider making this a sweet day of traditions and love. Here are some fun ideas that you may have noticed throughout the internet atmosphere:

Breakfast. I'm partial to biscuits and gravy until I saw this lovely crepe V-day breakfast that I feel like is worthy to try.

I believe sugar cookies are the main staple for V-Day fun, and these were some of my favorite personalized messages of sugar I've seen.

Kelsey's Kitchen from the Cooking Channel highlighted these pretty little things.

Dinner may include going out, but if you're looking to take it easy at home, here are some fun, easy ideas to a hearty dinner.

If you've got kids running around your house, you may record some of their one-liners about love and V-day like Small Fry captured last year. It may be a fun tradition to capture this holiday each year.

You've got less than 24 hours to finish your plans for V-day. Enjoy!

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