Wednesday, February 26, 2014

I promise we're not criminals.

Between the two of us our criminal record is clean, our only fault with the law involves parking violations and speeding tickets (all of which have been paid on time) ...and you still want to do a background/criminal check on us? And for how much?

No, we're not trying to get hired anywhere, we're just trying to keep from being homeless. This past week we found the apartment we've been on the hunt for. A quick look was all it took, we snagged an application from the landlord and left happily. Later on when we filled out the form, we were pleasantly surprised to see fees for criminal/credit/background checks on the both of us. We thought it a little silly, but I guess you never know who will become your tenant, and what he/she has done previous to their meeting. So now the decision for a new little place is in the hands of the our potentially delinquent record and college-status credit scores, matched with employment that ranges from religious freelance to mortgage companies. I'm sure that's quite an interesting job for whomever it is that checks out all of these individuals and their lives. Anyway, we're keeping our fingers crossed and hopes up for this new little dig to become ours soon.

On another note, I thought this little clip was a fun evolution.

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