Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy V Day!

I love how grand the mountains are on the Wasatch front.

Happy V Day to you all! This will be a short post today, because I'm  en route to meet up with my valentine in Seattle. 800 miles for 8 days is a little too long for our liking, but we're making it work!

Utah has been amazing and full of incredible moments with the amazing people down here and projects I'm working on.

Here's a quick rundown of some sweet points from the week. 
Our presentation and work with Adobe has been so exciting this week.
Grand things are coming!

Although I grew up with biscuits and gravy for breakfast,
donuts are my favorite morning treat to share. 

There's something I just love about the frontrunner train.

My favorite Bridget is an artist that we all love to be
around. She rules the Fromm home. 
I haven't been to the Jordan River temple since I was 12.
It's magnificence glowed in all forms this last Tuesday.
Sacred Gifts, the Art Exhibit I worked on is still up and
there are still a lot of people in attendance! Woo Woo!

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