Friday, January 17, 2014

We Love Lucy

Lucy looking her best in her 1940's attire.

During Christmas, we spent the day with some amazing people, which is where I met the infamous, Lucy. We saw Lucy last week, where she was crackin' jokes and making us all laugh around a hospital bed. Her wit and humor stayed with her until the end. Our sweet Lucy passed away earlier this week, leaving a legacy of laughter and love for all of us to cherish. We know she's in a better place, and are grateful to have kept her around for over 92 years.


Sometimes our college degrees take us to new places, and it is there that we discover our true passions and new opportunities, which direct us to new routes and dreams. Life is a beautiful creature.

Follow that itch - Try something new - Be passionate about what you do. 

Joel Robinson, the photographer of these photos posted below began his career as a teacher, but something was amiss, so he purchased a used camera off the internet and began a daily photo journal. His passion for photography turned into a new opportunity, taking him around the world to spread positive messages and capture moments of Happiness. View the whole story here.

Everyone needs a good tune on Friday. A good friend introduced me to this acoustic duo, Tiny Home. 

1. Great Aunt Lucy. We're grateful to have shared sweet and encouraging moments throughout her 92 years of "amazingness."

2. Seahawk Energy - The 12th man spirit is alive and well throughout Washington. Flags, cars, business signs - everyone is publicly and happily supporting our Seattle team. May the best team win this Sunday.

3. Kinfolk Magazine - it's beauty and inspiration to think outside the box and enjoy sweet moments with friends and family. This last issue of age really addresses the beauty of wrinkles to timeless recipes that have been around for ages.

4. CTR. I teach the 4-year-old kids at church and we've been learning how to "CTR" (Choose the right) and why we should always do that. This last week was quite entertaining, because each child received a ring with "CTR" on it and of course, they wanted to remember this moment with a few pictures.

5. Hoosiers upset against Wisconsin.

Yogi Ferrell celebrating after an incredible 2nd half effort to get the "W".

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