Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seahawks and the Flu

Shall we begin with a "WOO! WOO!" for the Seahawks. Last Saturday may have been a nail-biter for many Washingtonians, but we survived and here we go again with the 49ers. In keeping with the "Seahawk Spirit" John showed me this amazing commercial, about Coleman, which is worthy to share. The story - the copy - the message....it's all done incredibly well.

So I may have gotten the flu early this morning and from this enduring experience here are a few things I'm very grateful for:

My man:
After sliding away from bed around 2am, a few hours later I was pleasantly surprised to see a long torso leaning over the balcony, asking me why I wasn't in bed. Moments later John trekked into the family room, pillow and blanket in hand to make himself comfortable on the couch beside me. There wasn't much he could do to help kill my virus, but he stayed for support, enjoying a restless morning before work called him away.

A good read:
Our issue of Kinfolk on the dresser has only been opened a few times since it was gifted to us as a wedding gift, but with a few spare minutes today, this timeless issue of age inspired, enlightened and comforted an unsettled stomach. My favorite quote that came across,

"There's a lesson to be learned in the patience it takes to wait for the right moment and there's some courage required in seizing that moment when it comes." - Romey Ash

The underdog win.
NCAA basketball continues to liven our home, that is, when we find time to slow down and catch up on the games. Tonight, we had time. Wisconsin played Indiana, and I soon recognized that I was watching the newer generation of "Hoosiers" and instantly started rooting form them. Our timing was perfect. Indiana stole the lead within a few moment of us turning on the tube. They never let it go, erasing Wisconsin's undefeated record with a 75-72 win.

And yes, we picked up an Instagram today. Connecting through photos can keep us up to date with all of you. Follow us at Donaghy_Duo.

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