Friday, January 24, 2014

Readers to the Rescue

We're up and running. Readers to the Rescue finally launched this morning on the Library of Congress' website! After waiting for quite some time, it's here and looks great!
Here's a quick lowdown of the project. "Readers to the Rescue" is an interactive game for kids. They rescue book characters returning them back into their own story's.  With 36 fun fun animations, kids earn free books for each combination, which are instantly downloaded to their "rescue" library.
Go check it out for yourselves. If you have kids, let them try out the game and help them collect all 36 books. A special congratulations to the project creative director, Robbie Rane - Cheers to an incredible project. Check it out here.

For a closer look on the project, here's a case study of our collaboration. 

1. Readers to the Rescue. We could all read a bit more!

The complete production of this project was done by students. 

2. Garlinis newest addition. Denise, my sister, now works at Garlinis. We went and shared a sweet evening with her last night to a fun, Italian dinner as she finished her shift!

Brick oven pizzas are a popular item on this fun, local hub.

3. Skittles - We're headed to the Superbowl and skittles is counting the success of Lynch's longtime tradition of eating skittles for football successes.

Here's a funny video that John showed me today that keeps up with the NFL fun.

4. Blackbird Bistro Cafe - Leavenworth and its energy never fails. We ventured into this quaint bavarian village to catch a bite to eat at the Blackbird Bistro Cafe. It was a delightful outing. The decorations and mood of the place appealed to all of us foodies, with an itch to return again upon our next jaunt that way.

(I may have been too excited to eat my meal when it arrived and missed my photo opportunity... Thanks to my friends on yelp, they pulled through with this charming photo of some of the bistro's finest work.)

5. New Friends - Our cousin recently had her sweet baby boy. We met him for the first time this last week. He was blessed in church and is such a precious, little thing.

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