Monday, January 27, 2014

My Sister's Legacy

Today makes it one year since my sister, Taylor, passed away. Although I miss her so much and think of her every day, I have hope and know that I will see her again. This time right now on earth is only a small glimpse of the bigger picture. 

2012 Christmas

On this anniversary, I’d like to honor Taylor and share with each of you a few reasons why my sister was so amazing.

One of our nightly skype sessions.
Taylor’s influence extended beyond our family. There was a specific reason she was a “Donaghy”. We’re a social family. We’re involved in our community - at every event, game, or activity we
attended, Taylor showed us how to love everyone. She became instant friends with anyone. She rarely passed judgment, and gave others the benefit of the doubt, no matter their history. She forgave quickly and saw the good in others.

There’s always a way to communicate LOVE. Conversations between us were short. We couldn’t connect like most siblings, but I never doubted the love my sister had for me, and I knew she felt the same way. Love is a verb. Taylor exemplified it perfectly. Though her gestures were small and simple, she put everything into them. She always gave 100%. LOVE for Taylor was an "all-in" deal. I feel like the way Taylor loved me, gave me a glimpse of God’s personal love for me.

 It’s unconditional. It’s binding. It's eternal.

One thing is for sure, Taylor had great style.

I love Taylor so much. I feel  blessed to call her my sister, and strive to honor her by judging less and loving more. Her influence continues. She is truly our Angel in Heaven, as she was our Angel on Earth. 


This slideshow captures Taylor's happiness and love in just a few minutes.

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