Friday, January 31, 2014

Celebrate Each Day.

We began this week celebrating the anniversary of Taylor's passing and finished it this afternoon by honoring the life of our dear friend's mother, Therese Hewitt. We feel blessed to have had these two inspiring women in our lives, and for the sweet life lessons they've shared with all of us. Death is real and hard. We all cope with it differently and continue to understand its timing and purpose. We know that we have a greater purpose, which extends beyond this life on earth, and that reassurance of God's love and plan for us to progress and be with our family's forever fills our hearts with hope and faith.

Taylor, my first piano student.
This week has also been inspiring as I began teaching my first piano student. I love music. It's always been an inspiration to me, because it's a universal language that connects and strengthens people. My first day of lessons was delightful. She soaked up the lesson with pure joy and excitement. In fact the following day I received a text from her; she sent me a video playing the piano. She learned one of the songs I gave her from the previous day, and wanted to show me. How sweet is that? 

The safe RAV
On a funnier note, John left his office key at home this week, so I drove down to the clinic and dropped it off. The night before it snowed, so the driveway was covered with its remains. Our driveway is anything but pleasant in the winter and known for causing havoc. I managed to get my mom's car stuck on it, just a few feet shy of the rock wall...yes her new car. With a little help from Denise, lots of prayers, shoveling and ice melt we safely got the car pack to its rightful parking spot and finished clearing the driveway. 
The "Not-so-safe" RAV

Here's to Friday's Creative Inspiration.

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Keep on Creating! 

1. Taylor. We miss and love her so much. Her love for others will inspire us to have more charity and share the light she shared with us every day.

2. Pizza Night. We've been creative in the kitchen lately and captured this yummy pizza crust and recipe from a fun cooking blog called "Feeding Chase". It's easy and divine to the taste. And the leftovers (if you have any) are top notch quality. Here's the recipe.

3. Snow - Wenatchee looks pristine. And yes that is the sun peaking out. It hasn't shown its rays for quite a few days, so it was refreshing to say the least.

4. Packages - Logan, our photographer from Utah sent us the sweetest package of his favorite photos from the wedding. They're perfect!

He wrapped the photos simply and beautifully.

Three were three sets for both families and us.

5. Funny Dave. My dad is quite the comical one. He told us that the four-wheeler key was in a specific drawer. This is what we found. 

They all look the same...

I found five different four-wheeler keys. Oh, the life of a farmer. 

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