Friday, January 31, 2014

Celebrate Each Day.

We began this week celebrating the anniversary of Taylor's passing and finished it this afternoon by honoring the life of our dear friend's mother, Therese Hewitt. We feel blessed to have had these two inspiring women in our lives, and for the sweet life lessons they've shared with all of us. Death is real and hard. We all cope with it differently and continue to understand its timing and purpose. We know that we have a greater purpose, which extends beyond this life on earth, and that reassurance of God's love and plan for us to progress and be with our family's forever fills our hearts with hope and faith.

Taylor, my first piano student.
This week has also been inspiring as I began teaching my first piano student. I love music. It's always been an inspiration to me, because it's a universal language that connects and strengthens people. My first day of lessons was delightful. She soaked up the lesson with pure joy and excitement. In fact the following day I received a text from her; she sent me a video playing the piano. She learned one of the songs I gave her from the previous day, and wanted to show me. How sweet is that? 

The safe RAV
On a funnier note, John left his office key at home this week, so I drove down to the clinic and dropped it off. The night before it snowed, so the driveway was covered with its remains. Our driveway is anything but pleasant in the winter and known for causing havoc. I managed to get my mom's car stuck on it, just a few feet shy of the rock wall...yes her new car. With a little help from Denise, lots of prayers, shoveling and ice melt we safely got the car pack to its rightful parking spot and finished clearing the driveway. 
The "Not-so-safe" RAV

Here's to Friday's Creative Inspiration.

THE GAP by Ira Glass from frohlocke on Vimeo.

Keep on Creating! 

1. Taylor. We miss and love her so much. Her love for others will inspire us to have more charity and share the light she shared with us every day.

2. Pizza Night. We've been creative in the kitchen lately and captured this yummy pizza crust and recipe from a fun cooking blog called "Feeding Chase". It's easy and divine to the taste. And the leftovers (if you have any) are top notch quality. Here's the recipe.

3. Snow - Wenatchee looks pristine. And yes that is the sun peaking out. It hasn't shown its rays for quite a few days, so it was refreshing to say the least.

4. Packages - Logan, our photographer from Utah sent us the sweetest package of his favorite photos from the wedding. They're perfect!

He wrapped the photos simply and beautifully.

Three were three sets for both families and us.

5. Funny Dave. My dad is quite the comical one. He told us that the four-wheeler key was in a specific drawer. This is what we found. 

They all look the same...

I found five different four-wheeler keys. Oh, the life of a farmer. 

Monday, January 27, 2014

My Sister's Legacy

Today makes it one year since my sister, Taylor, passed away. Although I miss her so much and think of her every day, I have hope and know that I will see her again. This time right now on earth is only a small glimpse of the bigger picture. 

2012 Christmas

On this anniversary, I’d like to honor Taylor and share with each of you a few reasons why my sister was so amazing.

One of our nightly skype sessions.
Taylor’s influence extended beyond our family. There was a specific reason she was a “Donaghy”. We’re a social family. We’re involved in our community - at every event, game, or activity we
attended, Taylor showed us how to love everyone. She became instant friends with anyone. She rarely passed judgment, and gave others the benefit of the doubt, no matter their history. She forgave quickly and saw the good in others.

There’s always a way to communicate LOVE. Conversations between us were short. We couldn’t connect like most siblings, but I never doubted the love my sister had for me, and I knew she felt the same way. Love is a verb. Taylor exemplified it perfectly. Though her gestures were small and simple, she put everything into them. She always gave 100%. LOVE for Taylor was an "all-in" deal. I feel like the way Taylor loved me, gave me a glimpse of God’s personal love for me.

 It’s unconditional. It’s binding. It's eternal.

One thing is for sure, Taylor had great style.

I love Taylor so much. I feel  blessed to call her my sister, and strive to honor her by judging less and loving more. Her influence continues. She is truly our Angel in Heaven, as she was our Angel on Earth. 


This slideshow captures Taylor's happiness and love in just a few minutes.

Friday, January 24, 2014

Readers to the Rescue

We're up and running. Readers to the Rescue finally launched this morning on the Library of Congress' website! After waiting for quite some time, it's here and looks great!
Here's a quick lowdown of the project. "Readers to the Rescue" is an interactive game for kids. They rescue book characters returning them back into their own story's.  With 36 fun fun animations, kids earn free books for each combination, which are instantly downloaded to their "rescue" library.
Go check it out for yourselves. If you have kids, let them try out the game and help them collect all 36 books. A special congratulations to the project creative director, Robbie Rane - Cheers to an incredible project. Check it out here.

For a closer look on the project, here's a case study of our collaboration. 

1. Readers to the Rescue. We could all read a bit more!

The complete production of this project was done by students. 

2. Garlinis newest addition. Denise, my sister, now works at Garlinis. We went and shared a sweet evening with her last night to a fun, Italian dinner as she finished her shift!

Brick oven pizzas are a popular item on this fun, local hub.

3. Skittles - We're headed to the Superbowl and skittles is counting the success of Lynch's longtime tradition of eating skittles for football successes.

Here's a funny video that John showed me today that keeps up with the NFL fun.

4. Blackbird Bistro Cafe - Leavenworth and its energy never fails. We ventured into this quaint bavarian village to catch a bite to eat at the Blackbird Bistro Cafe. It was a delightful outing. The decorations and mood of the place appealed to all of us foodies, with an itch to return again upon our next jaunt that way.

(I may have been too excited to eat my meal when it arrived and missed my photo opportunity... Thanks to my friends on yelp, they pulled through with this charming photo of some of the bistro's finest work.)

5. New Friends - Our cousin recently had her sweet baby boy. We met him for the first time this last week. He was blessed in church and is such a precious, little thing.

Wednesday, January 22, 2014

Whirl it. Pop it.

With all these "New Year, New You" resolutions fluttering around, here's a fun snack that won't kill you on calories or tarnish your New Year's Resolutions. Let me introduce you to the infamous Whirley-Pop, an old-fashioned popcorn maker.

All you do is add some olive oil, popcorn kernels, place over a stove and twirl your popper once you hear a "POP" - You may become quite addicted to this new appliance as you learn that it can create mouthwatering flavors for your popcorn buds - spicy, sweet or salty. The great thing about the popper is you can use olive oil (many say Olive Oil does not do well with high heat, but I've never had a problem with it for the WP) and you get to moderate the seasoning intake so you'll have a healthy and satisfying snack. 

Today I tested out three new types of popcorn kernels from Fireworks popcorn: Red River Valley, Wisconsin White Birch, and High Mountain Midnight. These gourmet kernels offer a delightful flavor, even though their popped state is not as big as your average Orville Redenbacher pop. The darker seeds allude to a burnt popped corn, but it's just a little deceiving that's all.

Friday, January 17, 2014

We Love Lucy

Lucy looking her best in her 1940's attire.

During Christmas, we spent the day with some amazing people, which is where I met the infamous, Lucy. We saw Lucy last week, where she was crackin' jokes and making us all laugh around a hospital bed. Her wit and humor stayed with her until the end. Our sweet Lucy passed away earlier this week, leaving a legacy of laughter and love for all of us to cherish. We know she's in a better place, and are grateful to have kept her around for over 92 years.


Sometimes our college degrees take us to new places, and it is there that we discover our true passions and new opportunities, which direct us to new routes and dreams. Life is a beautiful creature.

Follow that itch - Try something new - Be passionate about what you do. 

Joel Robinson, the photographer of these photos posted below began his career as a teacher, but something was amiss, so he purchased a used camera off the internet and began a daily photo journal. His passion for photography turned into a new opportunity, taking him around the world to spread positive messages and capture moments of Happiness. View the whole story here.

Everyone needs a good tune on Friday. A good friend introduced me to this acoustic duo, Tiny Home. 

1. Great Aunt Lucy. We're grateful to have shared sweet and encouraging moments throughout her 92 years of "amazingness."

2. Seahawk Energy - The 12th man spirit is alive and well throughout Washington. Flags, cars, business signs - everyone is publicly and happily supporting our Seattle team. May the best team win this Sunday.

3. Kinfolk Magazine - it's beauty and inspiration to think outside the box and enjoy sweet moments with friends and family. This last issue of age really addresses the beauty of wrinkles to timeless recipes that have been around for ages.

4. CTR. I teach the 4-year-old kids at church and we've been learning how to "CTR" (Choose the right) and why we should always do that. This last week was quite entertaining, because each child received a ring with "CTR" on it and of course, they wanted to remember this moment with a few pictures.

5. Hoosiers upset against Wisconsin.

Yogi Ferrell celebrating after an incredible 2nd half effort to get the "W".

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Seahawks and the Flu

Shall we begin with a "WOO! WOO!" for the Seahawks. Last Saturday may have been a nail-biter for many Washingtonians, but we survived and here we go again with the 49ers. In keeping with the "Seahawk Spirit" John showed me this amazing commercial, about Coleman, which is worthy to share. The story - the copy - the's all done incredibly well.

So I may have gotten the flu early this morning and from this enduring experience here are a few things I'm very grateful for:

My man:
After sliding away from bed around 2am, a few hours later I was pleasantly surprised to see a long torso leaning over the balcony, asking me why I wasn't in bed. Moments later John trekked into the family room, pillow and blanket in hand to make himself comfortable on the couch beside me. There wasn't much he could do to help kill my virus, but he stayed for support, enjoying a restless morning before work called him away.

A good read:
Our issue of Kinfolk on the dresser has only been opened a few times since it was gifted to us as a wedding gift, but with a few spare minutes today, this timeless issue of age inspired, enlightened and comforted an unsettled stomach. My favorite quote that came across,

"There's a lesson to be learned in the patience it takes to wait for the right moment and there's some courage required in seizing that moment when it comes." - Romey Ash

The underdog win.
NCAA basketball continues to liven our home, that is, when we find time to slow down and catch up on the games. Tonight, we had time. Wisconsin played Indiana, and I soon recognized that I was watching the newer generation of "Hoosiers" and instantly started rooting form them. Our timing was perfect. Indiana stole the lead within a few moment of us turning on the tube. They never let it go, erasing Wisconsin's undefeated record with a 75-72 win.

And yes, we picked up an Instagram today. Connecting through photos can keep us up to date with all of you. Follow us at Donaghy_Duo.

Friday, January 10, 2014

Friday Fever

The Friday Fever: A day designated for high energy, inspirational videos, good music and creativity on overdrive.
This defines my ideal Friday.  I worked at a creative center at BYU, and the feeling of Friday ran through our blood every fifth day of the week. We finished the day strong, only to conquer the weekend with good friends, food and memories. In keeping with tradition, I thought you'd all enjoy this "inspirational" clip from our wedding, captured and edited by the amazing, Kelsie Moore. Happy weekend everybody!

John + Vanessa wedding from Kelsie Moore on Vimeo.

Each Friday we will be highlighting five "fantastics" that happened in our week.

Monday, January 6, 2014

Ring in the New Year!

Happy New Year to you all! We may be a few days late in expressing our joy for the New Year, but today truly begins our "2014" adventures. John started his position at the clinic this morning and I officially began my internship with Adobe as well.

We're in the midst of many "new" things including house hunting, a baby nephew, moving back to Wenatchee, and the newlywed life! It's an exciting time.

We recognize how blessed we've been this past year, and how happy we are together. Life is much sweeter as the Donaghy Duo. Cheers to you all, and Happy New Year from us to you.