Monday, February 19, 2018

The New Year's Resolution...

This year I told myself that I would write more frequently, and journal my family's life. The adjustment from one to two boys has added more life, more chaos and more love, and quite frankly, journaling has not made it to the top of my priority list. However, I recognize the value in it - capturing our lives through words and photos will only enhance my life and teach me more about being a wife, a mom, and a good friend. Writing is positive for my soul, and recording the events of my favorite people, I believe, will expand my joy.

Life with Cal has been amazing, hard and rewarding. With the crazy labor experience, I was quite limited in how I could interact with Jack, because of his active and spirited nature. We went through some growing pains, since it's hard to communicate. It took about a full month for him to start easing back into his happy self. Our pediatrician talked about the traumatic experience Jack went through. In his words, "His mom was/is his whole world, and to him she is hurt and unable to do things that they would do together. And worse than her being hurt, he can't help her, and so he's decided to lash out at mom, because he feels completely off, and not only will he lash out at mom, but he will be mad at the world too." I knew the addition of Cal would rock Jack's world, but I didn't expect my health issues would affect them like they did. Thankfully, we're back to playing, running and jumping!

One sweet miracle through adjusting is the relationship between Jack and Cal. Cal tracks Jack with adoration and Jack loves his baby.

10 days of sweetness


JJ wins the award for swaddling newborns.

One of my favorites.

Sunday, September 25, 2016

We need kind superheroes.

The last two weeks I've listened to emotional, life-altering stories - some of heroic athletes, others of refugees, and even a few of struggling teenagers. Tears rolled down my face as each story was told, and ultimately I asked myself these questions, "What can I do?" "How can I help?"

After one of the accounts, the speaker invited all teenagers in the building to become someone's superhero - he expressed how the school hallways are dark places for some, while the lunch room is the loneliest place for others - he encouraged these youth to reach out and lift others. He said that these small acts of kindness would be heroic acts to many.

I thought about this invitation and its personal application. 

I don't walk down the hallways of the high school or eat lunch with teammates. No no, my routine consisted of walks to the park and lunch dates with my one-year-old. But, what I do have the opportunity to do, is to create the best superhero training facility for my little man. I realize he's young, but he picks up on things. He recognizes the way I use certain words (like "no") and how I treat his dad. He's observant, and mimics behaviors. His training to become a superhero has started, and what I've learned from these retold stories that I hope to show and teach Jack is this,

Judge less and always be kind. 

Monday, December 28, 2015

On the first day of Christmas... A few days late.

1st day of Christmas... Yes we are talking about the big birthday party for baby Jesus. 

Celebrate Christ. 

It is the day we honor his birth, which helps us to reflect on His life, His mission and His influence in our own lives. This is the season to truly emulate His hands and extend a helping hand, a cheerful heart or a shoulder to lean on. 

Christmas time has always been a joyous season for me. Some of my most memorable experiences were far far away, in a foreign country, celebrating the life of Christ while serving as a missionary. The commercialism of Christmas was less of an emphasis. Love and peace abounded within the homes of strangers and friends we met, because of their attitudes of gratitude. 

This year, John and I were overwhelmed with feelings of gratitude. The love we felt for the savior expanded, as did our love for each other, for our families and most especially for our sweet little babe, Jack. We were showered with gifts of love, gifts for each other and gifts for our Jack. The greatest gift of this season is what this day is all about - the gift of the Savior. He promises us happiness, joy and peace as we follow His example with exactness and steadfastness... What a beautiful promise. 

Merry Christmas. From our family to yours, we wish you good tidings of great joy and the peace of the Savior throughout the year. 

Merry Merry. 

Thursday, December 24, 2015

On the 7th-2nd day of Christmas

Yes, yes I may be including a few days into one post, but the weekend was full of too many good things, and I was very present in all of them. And when I say weekend, I mean to say Christmas Break, because we are on the brink of Thursday morning here on the West Coast, and we are all in vacation mode. Nonetheless, let us carry on with the 12 Days. 

Day 7: 

"The best way to spread Christmas Cheer is to sing loudly for all to hear" 

I recently sang in a guest choir for the Columbia Chorale's Christmas concert and the spirit in that hall was filled with joy, love and peace. Songs about the Savior's birth and this holiday season ring with cheer. Although my group met briefly during November, we made beautiful music. 

Music enlivens the Christmas season. 

Day 6: Family First. 

Family. I realize not all family relationships are perfect, in fact none are. However, the differences and quarks within a family are what make your surname individual. This is a great time of year to refreshen, strengthen and reconsider your relationship with those you call your kin. Let the Christmas season fill your heart with love, acceptance and forgiveness. 

Day 5: Photos for the ages. 

Every year I feel like my mom says, "I wish I would've taken more photos to remember that..." I do love being present in the moment and activity, but try to snap a few more pictures than usual, because it's a great way to remember this year from the next, and keeps those humorous, encouraging andsurreal moments alive for many many years. This photo below was snapped on Sunday and I can't get over Jack and his smile or outfit. It was Christmas Sunday at church for us (we don't have a Christmas Day worship - we celebrate our Christmas program on the Sunday before Christmas instead) and Jack was lookin' his best. I will cherish this photo forever. 

Day 4: Let Christmas be fun. 

I remember thinking before I had Jack, that I wanted to be a fun mom and experience life with my children. I know that experience will come in all shapes, styles and forms, and this year sledding was the form. It's snowed quite a bit around here, and the snow is great for sledding. So... We went sledding and played until Baby Jack had enough. When you play and create these integrated activities with mom/dad/child and others, the spirit of Christmas enhances and strengthen those family ties. 

Day 3: Wish others a Merry Christmas. 

Drop the last syllable of Christmas and we have the word, Christ. The words Merry Christmas highlight and emphasize the joy of this season as his birth, life and ministry are all to add merriment and joy of this season. So generously shout these words to the rooftops. 


DAY 2: Christmas-ing. 

It's one of my favorite things about Christmas, delivering goodies and gifts to dear friends and sometimes families who need a boost during this time of year. We felt the spirit of Christ while making the rounds today. It was lovely. Nothing was too extravagant or crazy, but we felt gratitude for our Savior, for all that we have and for our friends and family nearby.  

Thursday, December 17, 2015

On the 8th day of Christmas...

Day 8: Christmas calls for cards. 

I love checking our mailbox this time of year because of all the family photos and Christmas greetings I find. Whether you communicate through words or photos, everyone needs a Christmas note or two. These cards are full of cheer and happiness. Though every year has its challenges, I've found that Christmas notes/photos offer more hope and enthusiasm for the coming year and gratitude for the season that envelops us. 

Rifle paper company has some of my favorite designs. In fact, one of her Christmas postcards is framed in my living room right now of the nativity. 

Sometimes that extra thought or few sentences printed in pen are the perfect gift for both friends and strangers. And the photos of smiling (and sometimes not smiling) faces are the perfect decorations every home needs.

Wednesday, December 16, 2015

On the 10th day...

Day 10: Believe. 

Tonight a friend mentioned how Christmas is so much more fun with children. Although Jack is just a wee babe, everything we've done this year to add Christmas cheer has been more fun with Jack's company. From Christmas tree hunting to Santa photos, we are instilling BELIEF in this season - that it can change hearts, encourage us to become better and express gratitude for Baby Jesus. 

So if you're looking for a way to add more cheer to this blessed time of year, might I suggest to Believe with enthusiasm. 

Believe in the good that comes from Christmas. 
Believe in the spirit of giving. 
Believe in the Savior and His incredible life. 

On the 9th day of Christmas.

Day 9: 

Give the gift of service. 

I realize commercialism is sensationalized during this time of year, but it's also a condensed period where a lot of good happens - empty bellies are fed, spontaneous Christmas gifts appear, and helping hands come together to build and uplift communities.

A few weeks ago, three of my girls from youth group planned an activity to give the gift of service. A local organization was looking for some help for the basics... And I mean basics (soap and washcloths being at the top of the list). With some local donations and organization, we rounded up materials for basic hygiene kits and materials to make blankets. We know it wasn't much, but we realize that service in all shapes and forms can personally influence and affect an individual in a powerful way.